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Consider holding your own virtual food drive and get your online buddies involved in helping to raise money to help the 41 million people in need of nutritious food.

If interested in holding a campaign, please contact us using the contact form, or on Discord. Visit our STREAMER section on the site.

The gaming community is 155 million STRONG with your fantastic community, this is a battle royale that we can win together. 






It's simple share our mission with your guild mates, comp teams, and social media buddies! 

By sharing and talking to your friends and family about PVSH it helps grow the amount of  PLAYERS to help take on the quest to end hunger. 

We want to encourage and open the conversation on how we can make a positive impact within and outside of the gaming universe. 

Give a Donation

The kindness of monetary donations will help sustain this organization year around. Donations can b e made directly to PVSH through PayPal or Tiltify campaigns.


The support will be used towards purchasing specific in-need supplies for food banks, emergency food pantries, and offering financial support where it is needed most.





Corporate Support

As a startup, we are open and actively looking for any corporate support or sponsorship to help set up our community for success. 

  • Fiscal support

  • Donations of incentive items

  • Gifted items

  • Partnership opportunities 





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