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We believe everyone deserves good nutrition, a full stomach, and the relief of not having to worry about where the next meal is coming from.


Player vs Hunger's mission aims to make this a reality by providing healthy supplies and financial support to food banks and pantries in food-insecure communities using the power of gaming.

Through the collaboration of streamers and gamers, virtual food drives will allow us to raise money and supplies that will be delivered to the food banks and pantries in need. Our team will do the research, and make contact with the hungry communities to find out what's needed most and deliver the help to the food-insecure areas.


Hunger does not discriminate and neither do we, our end game is to grow Player vs Hunger into an inclusive gaming community that will expand to help our local neighbors that live in hunger all over the U.S.

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More than 41 MILLION people face hunger in the U.S.

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Online console gamers in the U.S. in 2017

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